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January, 2024. We are still very much in business and still processing machine and parts orders.
We have disconnected our fax line ending in -3040 because of lack of use by us and by customers.

Please use the following forms to order. We accept .pdf, .doc, and .jpg file formats. Either scan (preferred) completed documents to .pdf or .doc format or you may take a legible picture in .jpg (only) format and email to "salesat". (more info just below)

  • Company Info Sheet Fill out and return this form so we can have the most accurate info for you. We do not have easy access to legacy customer information unless you can tell us the year and month. You only need fill out applicable sections paying particular attention to your shipping address and zipcode.
  • Price List This is the most current pricing effective October 2023. Please add your desired items to the "Comments" section of the Company Info Sheet above. Unfortunately, aluminum costs have increased 100%, lumber costs 50% and hardware costs 25% in the past year. This resulted in a price increase for April.
  • Credit Card Info Sheet For your convenience, we accept credit cards which are processed by Square. Fill out and return this form noting there is a 4% fee which we pass on to our customers. While we will retain your CC info for future orders, we do not store that info online or electronically. You may request your CC info be shredded/not saved when you order.
  • Cutting Tips These have been posted to help users of the machine get the most mileage out of cutting blades to help keep cost lower. It is a combination of older and newer tips.
  • Downloads There are a number of documents that may be useful in the operation of your machine. They can be found at the Downloads page but keep in mind some have been superseded above.

Due to excessive spam to our other email accounts, please use the email for sales which will be "sales at" with an auto-responder so you know you got through. Please give us a day or two to get back to you.

We do not have anyone to conveniently answer/return phone calls but voicemails are checked daily. So we can better follow up, please direct inquiries to the email above.

We have lost our webmaster so the most recent updates are above. Keep in mind there may be outdated info in the rest of the website.

Thank You!

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We now have Safety Stickers available for your machines!

UPDATE 2024: Email to get a free set of Safety Stickers for your machine. WEB SPECIAL! Get one pair of "Notching Blade Safety Reminder Hand Deflectors" (AKA: drill guards) for $50. Free with machine order.

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"Cuts 1500+ whips a day!"


Our machine is a MUST for Electrical Contracting Pre-Fab shops! 

The MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer simultaneously cuts and pigtails MC, AC, HCF and BX cable as fast as you can measure -- accurately and conveniently!


  • U.S. Patent # US 6,234,057 B1

  • Light-Weight Aluminum Construction--weighs less than 35 pounds!

  • Comes to you ready to work--saw, drills and spare blades included!

  • Cuts and Notches up to 3/4" Steel or Aluminum clad MC, AC, HCF and BX Cable

  • 1-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

  • Proudly Hand-Crafted in the USA!

  • MORE INFO...

Watch our New Video to see the MC Cutter & Pigtailer in action!

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