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Price, Availability and Shipping Info:

updated (07/19/2018)

The following outlines our latest ordering and payment policies. Please read completely as there are changes for 2018.

Note that we are sometimes backordered up to 6-8 weeks. In all fairness to customers before you, there is NO way your order can be "expedited" so please don't ask... Do not send payment until you receive a quote! Checks are not deposited until a week or so before the machine is ready to ship. We now accept credit cards (3.5% fee). We are not currently offering payment terms above $250 or so.

Because there is no office staff to write down or process your sales order, please DO NOT request to purchase or order anything by phone or leave a voicemail. Fill out the requested forms below and send a fax or Email, instead! Orders may be processed afterhours and a "paper" trail helps avoid "phone tag" or lost orders.



As of January 1, 2018, the standard MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer is $2695.00 plus shipping (and your state and local sales tax--Florida companies only!). Non-Florida companies must arrange to pay their own sales tax directly to their state or local tax authority. (Price and Specifications subject to change) 

TO PLACE AN ORDER: download the "Company Info" form HERE ( 17k), fill it out and fax or Email it back to us. Refer to the "Price List" HERE ( 35k) for pricing and availability. To save time and resources, please indicate the items you need in the "Comments" section of the Company Info form. Fax it to (386) 575-3040 or scan and Email to, anytime. No fax cover page is necessary or desired. Please indicate if you will need a W-9 from us sent along with your quote--DO NOT send us blank W-9s to fill out--we have a filled out copy we can send you.

From this information a quote will be generated and Emailed or faxed to you--note your preference. Be patient for machine orders as this could take a few weeks as quotes are done in "batches". Your company will be put into the backorder queue as soon as your company info is received. When you receive your quote, please review the information for accuracy, especially shipping address. Let us know if there are any errors. The quote will be valid for six months if you choose to postpone your purchase. Quotes are non-binding.

We no longer offer terms for purchases over $250, although exceptions could be made. You may pre-pay via check or use a credit card to pay.

NOTICE: This machine is sold at your own risk! We will not be held liable for injuries suffered by you or your employees. As with all power cutting tools, care and awareness must be taken when operating it.

NOTICE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  We will always buy your used machine from you at a fair price.  The better the condition the better the price.  Email for details and include digital pictures of your machine.


UPDATE: We reserve the right to limit quantities. Multiple quantities of machines will ship in later batches.

Pre-payment Discount: We are currently no longer offering a pre-payment discount.

There is NO discount for using a credit card, but there IS a 3.5% fee. A "no-return/customer satisfaction" waiver must also be signed.

Multiple Order Discount Policy: We are currently no longer offering discounts for multiple quantities of machines.

Dealer/Distributor Discount: As long as we are back-ordered, we will not be offering any D/D discounts. We encourage you to have your customer contact us directly.

Local Pick-Up Discount: If you are local, there will be no shipping/handling charge and you can deduct $100 from the total before sales tax if you do not need or want the crate. You will pay the local sales tax of 6.5%.

Although machines are usually shipped in the order that they were purchased, we reserve the right to give preference to existing customers.

Discounts do not apply to parts or accessories when not ordered with a machine, prepaid or not.


In addition to a check sent to us before shipment (no fee), we now accept credit cards through Square. All prices on the website or forms are "cash" prices. If you wish to use a credit card, there will be a 3.5% fee on the total and a waiver must be signed. Let us know when you order that you wish to use a credit card and the form/waiver will be sent for you to fill out and fax/email back to us. We do NOT have office staff to process credit cards over the phone so use this form you can download HERE (CCnoreturnandform.pdf, 22k), instead. Please fill out and fax or scan/Email back to us. The email address is The fax machine and Email are secure.

We do NOT participate in ANY company electronic direct deposit payment scenarios so please plan payment accordingly.

Our revised payment terms are: 30 days: NET ($250 limit). After 45 days you will be billed for the 1-1/2% late fee which is compounded monthly. After 60 days you'll be billed again and will become a "cash only" account. Your account may also be referred to a collection agency. NOTHING will be sold to you as long as there is an outstanding balance.

We are a small company with no dedicated office staff. Please help us keep costs down by paying promptly! 30 days NET means payment WITHIN 30 days. If your company has another type of payment policy, please call us beforehand so we can adjust for any fees to be added to the invoice.

We usually statements in "batches" effective the day the machine was shipped. Be sure to download the "Company Info" form HERE ( 17k) and indicate who the statement should be sent to. As a rule, we only send one statement to you after the machine has shipped. Statements can be mailed, faxed or Emailed although Email is our preferred method. 


Machines are shipped via FedEx Ground or your preferred carrier using your account from Zip 32738.

Expedited shipping (ie: "overnight" shipping) is quite costly and will be billed to your account directly. We do not have the ability to give quotes on overnight shipping. If you need overnight please provide us with your FedEx or UPS account number and your package will be dropped off with them but shipping will be billed to your company account. A $10 handling fee applies.

Let us know if you want or need a tracking number. It will usually be Emailed to you but not always.

We would be happy to ship to Canada or Mexico using YOUR shipping account and YOUR customs agent. A $10 customs paperwork fee applies. Shipping will also be billed using your account--we do not provide out of country shipping quotes but will assist in arranging and scheduling shipping with you.

Parts and accessories will be shipped via USPS Priority with Signature Confirmation so be sure you have someone willing to sign for it. Most accessories ordered with a new machine will be included with the new machine. Some accessories will have to be shipped separately and some will be drop-shipped directly from a distributor.

The machine/crate is 71lbs shipping weight (without optional parts or accessories). To avoid damage, the max weight per package is 80lbs.

We do not include packing slips with our machines or accessories.

Shipping is included in the total before credit card fee or sales tax (if in FL).

When you get the machine, check for damage and call us immediately if there is any. Note how the machine is attached to the crate. The crate makes a very good storage container for the machine when not in use.


We proudly recycle clean packaging and many other materials!



If you would like to order or just have additional questions feel free to Email us or contact us at the numbers or addresses listed below. 

ATTENTION! Please note that we do not have "office staff" and phone calls may not be answered because we are in the shop.

If you need to order parts or blades, fax or Email the order to us, we'll process it that evening, and we'll include your invoice with the order if less than $250. If you need overnight service, give us a call and we'll see what we can do. There are a FedEx drop-box and UPS Store nearby and the shipping will be charged to YOUR account.

 Technical Support questions are usually returned promptly and at any time of the day or week!

Sales or Order status voicemails may not be returned promptly, no matter how often you call. Please direct your sales/status inquiries via Email and be patient for a reply.

We invite you to tell us what you think about our web site or maybe you have a question or even a tip you'd like to share about using the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer.  Please leave your contact information so we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions.  Your privacy is important to us and any and all information you provide us will be held in the strictest confidence.  Thank You! 

McCutter, Inc. Mailing, Shipping and Payment Address:

McCutter, Inc., 1930 N. Kingway Drive, Deltona, FL, 32738

McCutter, Inc. Phone Numbers:

Office/Cell Phone: (407) 474-6400 (hours: 9-4 E.S.T.)

Machine Troubleshooting and Tech Support calls are answered promptly and at anytime of the day or week.

Be sure to leave a voicemail if there is no answer...

Many times we are in the shop and cannot hear the phone but check for messages frequently.

Fax:  (386) 575-3040 (anytime--see notes above)

Incorporated in the State of Florida in 2001

Sales, Purchase and General Information:

Honorary President, Inventor and Consultant--Carl H. Vorpahl: 1923-2005

Vice-President, Secretary, Marketing & Promotional Information--Linda Moran

CEO, Production & Development, Chief Fabricator, Webmaster and Technical Information--Bob Moran