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updated (01/01/2024)

Along with the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer, this page lists the other items we have for sale now and in the near future.  You can download needed forms directly below (Word 95 .doc files) to place your order by fax or Email as attachment.  Feel free to call us if you have any questions. (Price and Specifications subject to change)


  • Did you say "home run"?: You asked for it and the prototype has been very successful...  An optional, stand-alone unit to increase pigtail length for those home runs and other uses. We are almost done getting these into production. The price is to be determinedUPDATE: this item is on hold while we try to fill back-orders...


  • MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer: Its name is what it does.  The One and Only!  Also does AC, HCF, BX and Flex.  Comes to you complete, tested, and ready-to-work.  Click below to see "How it Works" and be sure to visit the rest of this website for lots more info.

  • Counters and Coilers: The "Length-of-Whip Counter Kit" is a popular option.  Also available is a "Number-of-Whip Counter Kit".  Another popular item is the Olympic #99 Take-up Reel (coiler).  Visit the Counters web page for more info.

  • Replacement Drills and Notching Blades: Hitachis are now the standard drill.  Visit the Drills web page for more info.  You will also find some info and pictures of notching blades.

  • Diamond Cut-off Blades: An 7" diamond blade is now standard. Refer to the Saw webpage. You will also find some info and pictures of available fiber or 8" diamond cut-off blades for older machines.

  • Replacement Saws: The Milwaukee 8" cut-off saw has been discontinued although it came with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer and spare/replacement parts are available. The current saw is a Hitachi 7" model and it can be retrofit in place of the Milwaukee saw. Visit the Saw web page for more info.

  • NOTE: Download forms below to get a more complete list of items and the most recent info, pricing and availability.

TRC Portable GFCI Plug

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Recommended for our metal-framed machine. 120v/15A, response time: 25ms, trip level: 4-6ma, TVSS rating: 125VAC, 900V PK: L-N Surge 80 Joules, for indoor use only. New and tested satisfactorily with our machine.  CLOSE-OUT priced but sold AS-IS--warranty will be through the manufacturer.  Supplies are limited.

(more products will be listed soon...)


  • Company Info Sheet:  When filled out, this form gives us the information we'll need to properly process and ship your order.  We do not share your information with anyone without your permission.  Click HERE to download a .doc file and HERE to download a .pdf file.

  • Order Form/Price List:  Click HERE to download a .pdf file.(Price and Specifications subject to change) 

  • Item Description:  Use this form to see a more detailed description of available parts and accessories.  Click HERE to download a .doc file and HERE to download a .pdf file.