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Cut-off Saw and Blades

updated (07/19/2018)

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The MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer now uses the Hitachi C7SB2 7-1/4" Circular Saw as its cut-off saw. It has been thoroughly tested and works fine in our machine. We now also include a 7" Norton Diamond blade as the standard cut-off blade. We also offer a kit that will allow this saw to be retrofitted in place of the Milwaukee saw below.

Click HERE to download the Owner's Manual for this saw (C7SB2_OM.pdf, 2.45MB).

Click HERE to download the Parts List for this saw (C7SB2_BD.pdf, 555k)

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We used to incorporate the Milwaukee 6405-6 15A 8-1/4" Circular Saw as our cut-off saw but it has now been discontinued.  This was an industrial-duty saw especially prized by building contractors because its power and depth of cut allows them to cut large planks in one pass.  We initially chose it to use on our machine because it allows more mileage out of a fiber cut-off blade due to the aforementioned depth of cut. We still offer and recommend an 8" Norton Diamond blade for this saw.

(Milwaukee's Warranty)

In Milwaukee's words:

"Milwaukee's 8-1/4 inch Circular Saw uses a 15 amp motor to cut through the toughest materials. With quick height and angle adjustment, along with a spindle lock and superior balance, this saw is easy to use. The lower guard contour lip is designed for smooth retraction as the saw cuts into the work piece. This saw uses all ball and roller bearings and hardened steel gears for long life."


15 amp motor, AC-DC, 120v
No-load speed: 5800 RPM
2-3/4 inch maximum depth of cut at 90 degrees
Spindle lock for fast blade changes
Uses commonly available 8" fiber or steel metal-cutting blades
5/8" spindle
9/16 in. blade wrench
Built-in chip guard and cut-off sawblade guard
Length 13"
Weight 13.0 lbs.

The following are factory instructions, exploded pictures and parts lists, etc. for the Milwaukee 6405-6.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer to view them (.pdf files).  Download Acrobat HERE.

Click HERE to download the Owner's Manual (6405manual.pdf, 594k)
Click HERE to download the Service Parts List for serial #s 552A (6405-552A.pdf, 106k)
Click HERE to download the Service Parts List for serial #s 552B (6405-552B.pdf, 156k)
Click HERE to download the Service Parts List for serial #s 552C (6405-552C.pdf, 137k)
Click HERE to download the Wiring Diagram for serial #s 552B (6405-552Bwiring.pdf, 90k)
Click HERE to download the Wiring Diagram for serial #s 552C (6405-552Cwiring.pdf, 166k)

Cut-off Blades:  UPDATED 01/07/2011 !

  • NOTE: There have been reports of fiber cut-off blades (not the Ace, Oldham or Norton) creating excessive vibration when mounted.  DO NOT USE these blades--they are defective and could harm you, others or the machine when they explode! Similarly, do not use any blade if it is nicked or separating. We recommend a continuous-rim diamond blade for most uses.
  • We are now a full-line Norton/Saint Gobain Abrasives dealer. We will mainly be marketing the blades below but feel free to inquire about any other abrasive products they offer.
  • The following blades are pictured below. Note the new Norton offerings!
  • Diamond blades offer 100 times the life of a fiber blade and are well worth the added cost. Plus, you don't need to lower the saw as a fiber blade wears down. NOTE: Diamond blades must be mounted with the lable side IN! Although designed for cutting stone and tile, they work great for cutting MC and other armored cables, including steel-jacketed cables.
  • The Norton 02788 Continuous-rim 7" Diamond blade is the standard blade for the Hitachi saw. We include a 7" fiber blade in case you have to cut a harder material such as EMT conduit with the machine.
  • We no longer carry the Norton 89096 8"x1/8" Fiber Cut-off blade. It has been replaced by the the Norton 02785 8"x.060" Continuous-rim Diamond blade for the Milwaukee 8" saw (only).
  • The Milwaukee 8" 18T carbide blade has been discontinued as well as the "in a pinch" kit for converting it back to a circular saw for cutting wood.
  • We also have the original Hitachi 7" 24T carbide blade available. This is NOT for cutting armored cable or other metals.
  • Oldham Cut-EASE is a stick-type wax lubricant for a number of uses. This item has been discontinued. 

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UPDATE:  We can provide you with the parts and directions to be able to use the Milwaukee cut-off saw as a regular circular saw.  Because of our warranty and adjustment concerns, we don't recommend this.  But if you are ever in a pinch and need a circular saw, the kit can allow you to change over to a circular saw in about 5 minutes or so.  The kit consists of the original base plate (shoe), angle adjustment hardware, saw guard hold-open lever, misc. screws with complete re-assembly and OEM instructions.  It also includes a new 8-1/4" carbide 18T saw blade.  Note that this kit is no longer offered.