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What's News?

updated (10/10/22)

What's New:

Please refer to this page for the most recent news and information...

* As of January 1, 2022, the price of our machine increased to $3350.00. Refer to the Price List (pricelist.pdf, 35k) for more info and latest pricing. NOTE! Price List has not been updated since 01/01/21--many prices have risen due to supply chain issues and the Biden Tax. Refer to the Contact Us page for more updated ordering info.

* NOTICE! We are still very much in business! Do not be discouraged if sales calls or Emails are not returned in a timely manner although we DO return tech support calls promptly. Please do not call repeatedly--send an Email instead. We are essentially a "Small Family Business" and do not have any office staff to conveniently take or return your calls.

* Tired of waiting for your machine? Although we will continue to fill orders as fast as we can, THIS BUSINESS IS FOR SALE! With 4 more years remaining on the patent and related products ready to be marketed and produced, it would be perfect for a metal-working shop with pre-existing employees or a start-up with an ample supply of labor and resources. Purchase would include the patent, proprietary information, training and any and all jigs and drawings that we have. Training at our location is also included. Equipment and materials would be optional. Only serious, well-funded principles need inquire...

* NOTE: Our website and price sheets feature "cash" pricing. As a convenience to our customers, we accept credit cards with a 3.5% fee.

* NOTICE! Because this is essentially a "Small Family Business" we produce our machine in "batches" and are often back-ordered up to six months. Please place your order or inquiry with this in mind... Checks used for pre-payment are not cashed until a few weeks before the machine is ready to ship. Fax or Email the completed Company Info Sheet to us to request a quote and BE PATIENT! Do NOT send payment until you receive a quote from us.

* As of mid-2009, we started using a Hitachi 7" cut-off saw as the Milwaukee 8" saw was discontinued. The Hitachi saw performs well and a diamond cut-off blade is now standard. We still stock the 8" diamond blade for the older saws. We no longer warranty the Milwaukee saw or Black & Decker, Dewalt or Makita drills.

* It has come to our attention that some of you are not using your machines. (1) Call us to see what we can do to help you get it up and running and by all means download instructions or whatever you need to find out how to safely use it. An unused machine does no one any good. (2) With that in mind, we will ALWAYS buy your old machine from you. Call us for a quote--we WILL need some digital photos Emailed to us to determine condition and age.

* Check out the recently updated Pre-Fab web page.  Check out the new pictures!

* IN-HOUSE TESTING YIELDS 6-WHIPS-A-MINUTE!  In an 8-hour day this could equate to 2880 whips!  This was done in a controlled setting using 12-2 Alum. MC, 9" pigtails, 3' whips and included removing the pigtail "scraps" from the whips.  Realistically, you can expect to easily cut 4 whips a minute--especially when cutting longer whips (1920 a day).

* Length-of-Whip and Number-of Whip Counters are now ready for purchase.  Click HERE for the counter page.  Details and Pictures will appear soon or call for more info and latest price.

Watch our New Video to see the MC Cutter & Pigtailer in action!

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