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updated (07/19/2018)

 This page will be more elaborate in the future but until then, here are the most recent instructions and illustration pages.  Some are Word 95 .doc files and some are Acrobat .pdf files--see the Downloads page for info on how to get the applicable viewing program if you don't have it.  Note that the instructions and illustrations are also included with the counters and coiler.

We can also get you other Olympic wire handling tools such as the recommended and popular #99 coiler shown below.  Our price is usually 5-10% below other retailers--call for a quote.  To visit the Olympic Instruments website, click HERE.

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Please note that counters/coilers are sold "at-your-own-risk" and our liability is limited--see the instructions for more details.

Length of Whip Counter

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This is a very popular accessory to the MC Cable Cutter & Pigtailer along with the #99 coiler. Together they allow you to measure, cut and coil MC Cable whips in a more time and space efficient manner.  Check out the instructions below for more info.

*To download Length of Whip Counter instructions click HERE (lengthofwhipcounter.doc, 15k).

*To download Length of Whip Counter illustrations click HERE (lengthofwhipcounterpics.pdf, 91k).

Number of Whip Counter

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Simple, yet effective, the Number of Whip Counter actually counts the number of strokes of the machine, which should correspond the number of whips produced.  Can be mounted in conjunction with the Length of Whip Counter.

*To download Number of Whip Counter instructions click HERE (numberofwhipcounter.pdf, 56k).

*To download Number of Whip Counter illustrations click HERE (numberowhipcounterpics.doc, 57k).